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Volume 55, Issue 28
April 10, 2014
Please pray EVERY DAY for Cadillac Heritage Christian School


Hoops & Loops
2014 Prize Winners
(These winners were determined based upon the amount of pledges turned in by March 21.)

PreK-Y5-K: Ivy Hetherington $220.00 $10 TRIP Certificate
1st-4th Grade: Lydia Hammond $250.00 $10 TRIP Certificate
5th-8th Grade: Katerina Truax $500.00 $10 TRIP Certificate
9th-12th Grade: No monies turned in by the deadline
Adult: Mrs. Herlein $613.00 $10 TRIP Certificate
** The Participant with the most pledges: Mrs. Herlein $25 TRIP Certificate**

CLASS AWARD – Ice Cream Party awarded to the classroom with 100% participation:
There was no classroom with 100% participation

Talent Show Winners

Best of Show: Quinn Crago

First Place Older Division: Ella Williams
Second Place Older Division: Stephen Markham, Lucas Meyering,
Jordan Valk and Wilson Vrieze
Third Place Older Division: Sarah Hall, Stephen Markham, Jordan Valk,
Kagan Yaklin, Parker & Wilson Vrieze

First Place Younger Division: Zoey Brigerman, Lillian Dushane, Ivy Hetherington
Second Place Younger Division: Grace Bigger
Third Place Younger Division: Riley Wade

This was an evening of amazing entertainment and everyone did a great job!

Spring Soccer
Date     H/A     Team                                        Game time
4-10       A         NMC (HS)                              5:00
4-21       A         NMC (JH)                               5:00
4-26       A         Hornets Homeschool        1:00/3:00
4-29       A         TCBAA                                    5:00
5-2         A          Reed City -JV                        5:00
5-12       H          Crossroads                           5:00
5-16       H         NMC (JH)                              5:00
5-19       H         TCBAA                                    5:00
5-29        athletic awards night 6:30

More from
Roy W. Lowrie, Jr. Ed. D.
“Because, Because, Because”
Part 2 of 6

BECAUSE the honor and glory of God is
the highest purpose of life, including

BECAUSE God commands that every
thought be brought into captivity to Jesus

BECAUSE the secular philosophy of life
and the Christian philosophy of life are in
conflict and are incapable of being

BECAUSE the major purpose of education
is to show a student how to face God, not to
show him how to face the world.

BECAUSE an education in which Jesus
Christ is central is the best preparation for
the real world.

BECAUSE the fear of the Lord, which is
the beginning of wisdom and knowledge, is
not taught in secular schools, but is
carefully rejected.

BECAUSE Satan, who is a deceiver, a wily liar,
and the prince of the present evil world, controls
secular education, using it as the major force
against the truths of Christianity.

BECAUSE an education controlled by the Spirit
of Christ is different from an education controlled
by the spirit of the anti-Christ.

BECAUSE a child should be brought up in the
right way, and he will not depart from it when he
is old.

BECAUSE secular education is based upon man’s
reason alone. While Christian education is based
upon God’s revelation.

Community Calendar

What: FREE CONCERT! Featuring the
Christian group “Blue Tree”
Where: Lake City Christian Reformed Church, 1657
S. Morey Road, Lake City, MI 49651
When: Saturday, April 12, 2014
Time: 7:00 p.m., doors open at 6:30 p.m.

What: A Night of Worship CANCELLED
Where: Cherry Grove Event Center
Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014