Walking Wednesday Stats

I’m sure you’ve heard your student(s) talking about “Walking Wednesday.”
This is a program that offers special incentives for physical activity.
Each Wednesday during their first recess the students participate by seeing how many laps
they can walk around the playground. Keep in mind that seven laps equals 1 mile.
The students receive a 1 inch plastic foot for each 5 miles they walk.
Below is a listing of students who have walked the most miles,
by grade, since school has been in session.
Young 5’ George Heeringa 15 miles
Kindergarten Sebastian Vrieze 13 miles
Bailey Wade 13 miles
1st Grade Tanner Prosch 26 miles
2nd Grade Riley Wade 25 miles
3rd Grade Cole Jenema 32 miles
4th Grade Parker Vrieze 29 miles
5th Grade Taylor Valk 17 miles
6th Grade Sabrina Crago 19 miles