School Closings & Delays

Occasionally, it is necessary to have an emergency
closing, delay or early dismissal of school, usually due to
inclement weather. When Cadillac Area Public Schools
close for inclement weather, CHCS will close as well. If
you live in a school district other than CAPS and your
district closes because of inclement weather on a day
when CAPS/CHCS are in session, you will not be
required to attend school that day and will receive an
excused absence. There may be additional times when
CAPS will not be closed and it will be necessary for
CHCS to have an emergency closing of school.
Whenever it is necessary to have an emergency school
closing, the following TV/radio stations will be notified.
TV 9 & 10 TV 7 & 4
TV 29 & 8 WLJN 89.9
WOLW 91.1